• Excavator/Loader Hydraulic Cylinder Model:ANBAO GROUP


Excavator/Loader Hydraulic Cylinder Features:


• Buffering Performance
Buffering system is installed inside the hydraulic cylinder to absorb impact at the stroke end. It can also adjust the buffering performance according to the actual work condition to achieve optimal matching with the machine.

• Cylinder Block
It is made of high strength materials with finite element analysis, featuring light weight and high reliability. The Inner bore of the cylinder adopts skiving roller burnishing technology to ensure good coarse and surface hardness and ensure good lubricating oil film and wear resistant.

• Cylinder Lever
With mid frequency induction hardening and nickel-chrome combined plating, it features good wear resistant and anti-rust performance. Under the treatment by numerical control polishing machine and polishing wheel of special materials, it ensures good coarse level and surface smoothness and good lubricating oil film when it is used.

• Seal System
Japan NOK seal parts combined with our unique design ensure good lubricating oil film and optimal performance.

• Pin Axle Bushing
The pin axle bushing adopts sintering metal with special formula, which ensures that the pin axle works normally under fuel starvation condition. And it can effectively prevent the sintering phenomenon of pin axle.





Cylinder Bore


Lever Diameter




Installation Clearance


Note: the product can be customized according to customer needs.



Used for medium/large excavators under the work condition of 31.4MPa and -20 degree to -100 degree.

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